Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In the beginning...

Week 1:

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

As we begin a new year, I am mindful of God and His creation.  God set in motion the universe, this earth that we occupy.  He set in motion the seasons and the days.  He gave to us our life and a place to live that life.  God is a God of order, function, love, grace, mercy, kindness, justice, compassion, etc. 

I believe that because God is a God of order, humankind was inspired to create the calendar and noting time.  Because of that, we have beginnings and endings.  We have now closed another year and have begun a new one.  For many of us, a new year is a fresh start…a new beginning, yes, influenced by the previous, yet still new and mysterious. 

For me, a new year is the beginning of a new adventure.  I carry with me the learnings from the previous year.  Hopefully, I am a year wiser and will handle the rough spots this coming year with a different wisdom and set of choices.  I look forward to new challenges as well as attacking some old ones with fresh energy.

From this verse I draw strength in four words, “In the beginning God…”  Without God, there is no beginning.  Through God all is created.  Going forward, I am led by God.  He knows His creation.  He knows my heart and Soul.  He is in all and through all.  God is the center of it all.

As much as I may try, I am not the center of all creation.  My family is not the center of all creation.  My job is not the center of all creation.  My Church or other ministries are not the center of all creation.  My money is not the center of all creation.  God is center.

In a way, it is shaming to be reminded that He is center and I am not.  In other ways, it is comforting that he is center…it alleviates some stress.  Going forward, I am to remember that whatever this year holds; whatever this new beginning leads to, God is there.  God is center of it all.

“In the beginning God…”


1.      What has been the center of your universe?
2.      What do new beginnings mean for you?
3.      What commitment are you willing to make to God as you begin your new year?
4.      How does “In the beginning God…” impact you?
5.      Over the next few weeks, take note of things God may be doing or preparing you for in this coming year.

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