Monday, November 17, 2014

The "karma" of God...

Week 47:

Psalm 7:14-16 14 Whoever is pregnant with evil conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment.  15 Whoever digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit they have made.  16 The trouble they cause recoils on them; their violence comes down on their own heads.

Karma is a loosely used term these days.  Like many other words, the over usage has taken some of the original meaning from this word.  The word was originally tied to both religions of Hinduism and Buddhism.  However, the idea of and action creating a reaction is not limited to karma.  In many places of the Bible, we see consequences of choices and God is a part of the consequence. 

Unfortunately, in order to relate to those who have little Bible knowledge, we sometimes have to use terms like “karma”.  But, this concept of “What goes around, comes around” shows up in the Bible in several places.  This passage in the Psalms is an example.  I know for my own life, I still pay some consequences for choices I made years ago.

With this in mind, I do note that there are some differences between God’s “karma” and what others believe about “karma”.  In the original definition, a person is assumed to be reincarnated as something different than a human being in a future life…here on earth.  What he or she has done in this life determines how he/she comes back.  We know that our afterlife is different.  And, we have two choices…believe and follow Jesus, or not.  It is not measured in what we have done or not done.  Our afterlife is measured through the blood of Jesus. 

Our “karma” happens here and now.  Some of it may stay with us through the rest of our natural lives.  David was an example.  His soul was with God, yet his choices created a life that was difficult in his later years.  Choices I make as a father in raising my children have consequences that are both desirable and undesirable.  I see some of the fruits of that now.  If I were to be the type of father that constantly pushed my kids away; if came across as if my children were a nuisance to me, then my children would likely avoid me in their adult years.  That would be karma on earth for me.  Does it affect my salvation?  No, I have the blood of Jesus for that.

For many years now, I have looked at God’s “karma” this way:  God is not constantly on the lookout for when I do something wrong so that He can punish me.  Instead, God gave me His Word through scripture and wise, prophetic people and circumstances.  From that offering, God has revealed how life works.  When I choose a course of action, it will open a set of reactions/actions appropriate to my situation.  If I choose to be troublesome, then my life will be filled with trouble.  God gave me a “warning” in scripture.   It’s like watching a child about to step on a rake that is laying spikes up.  You know that the handle will hit him in the face.  So, you warn him and he does it anyway.  You weren’t waiting around with an extra punishment for him.  He made a choice to take action despite your warning.  The action created a painful reaction.  No punishment involved or needed.    

God may put things in my path to get me to go a different direction.  If I read into His word enough, then I will see why those things are in my path.  I will see that He is not looking to complete a “karma” cycle for me.  He knew what was going to happen if I followed through.  If I listen, then I avoid the consequences that are painful.  However, God loves me through all the choices.  This is not the offer of the gods of Hinduism or Buddhism (or any other major world religion).

The “karma” of God is already set in motion.  The salvation is there as well.  Both are within my grasp.  I can choose salvation, make mistakes and experience “karma” and still be saved by the blood.  Hopefully, this keeps me remembering that I have a loving God, wanting what is best for me.    


1.      Does the word “karma” make you uncomfortable?  Why, or why not?
2.      Describe an example of the “karma” of God in your life.
3.      Describe an example of the “karma” of God you have seen in someone else’s life.
4.      Do you see God as a punishing God or a loving God?  Explain.
5.      This week, read through the life of David and pay attention to how he is God’s man, yet struggled with the consequences of his choices.  Note any comparisons to your life.

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  1. I think it's really interesting the point of view in which you put karma in line with natural consequences of our actions. I also think that our actions do matter when it comes to our Salvation. We should always try and do good works, and when we mess up, we know we can repent and recommit ourselves to be better. I feel like Christ's sacrifice was more than just him dying so we could use His blood for repentance; His entire life is a map for us to follow so we can strive to be like Him through our works.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am not saying we eliminate works. However, there are no amount of works we can do to earn salvation. Our works to gain salvation are to believe, accept and follow. I also have some other posts talking about action like
      Again, thanks for your comment and a reminder of our faith in action.