Monday, July 14, 2014


Week 29:

Psalm 119:89 Your word, Lord, is eternal;  it stands firm in the heavens.

The more I live in the kingdom of God, the more I see Him beyond scripture.  God is interwoven in the fabric of our lives and world.  We may not always see or acknowledge God’s presence, but He’s there.  With that being said, I am also continually amazed how His Word applies to everything I do.

Growing up, I fought off a touch of disbelief that God’s Word applied to every situation in my life.  In my head, I believed those who preached that God’s Word can be used in every situation, yet in my heart I still had doubt.  Occasionally, I still do.  However, the older I get and the more life situations I experience, I see His Word apply more and more.  God’s Word is eternal.  No other book has applied to life over the course of time as His Scriptures. 

I’m not talking about justifying new ways of life through scripture.  I’m not talking about twisting scripture to fit life.  I have done a little of both and found that as time passed, that type of interpretation does not work long.  What I do notice is that at the right time, the Spirit reveals how I have been following God fits within His Word. 

One of the keys to seeing when God’s Word fits is simply knowledge of His Word.  To know that a scripture is applying to a life situation, I have to be in the Word enough to have it written on my heart.  I cannot understand the eternal impact of the Bible without reading eh Bible. 

Another key is wisdom by experience.  I had to have lived some life before I could see manifestations of God’s Word in my life.  As I touched on before, I have incorrectly applied Scripture in places in my life to find later I was off base.  Those experiences coupled with watching Scriptural truth unfold in life have given me experiences with God which revealed His eternal Word.  When I was young, I despised how the older generation would tell me that I was young and would learn.  To some degree, I had more life experiences than many my age, yet, I still lacked the wisdom and maturity that comes with age.  Now that I am older, I see that more clearly.

The final key, and probably the most difficult, is having faith in the Holy Spirit.  First, I have to recognize when the Spirit is speaking to my spirit.  Second, I have to notice when the Spirit is pointing to Scripture and its application to life experience.  Learning to see, follow, and have faith in the Holy Spirit is still a challenge…a lifelong challenge.

For us as believers, His Word is where we start.  His Word is what is on our hearts.  His Word applies all life situations.  His Word is eternal.


1.       How did this scripture land with you?
2.      Describe a recent life situation where you clearly saw scripture apply.
3.      What made it clear?
4.      When you hear the word “eternal”, what comes to mind?
5.      Pay attention to your life situations.  Notice where you are and where you are not applying God’s eternal Word.

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