Monday, May 20, 2013

Jesus did...

Week 21:

Mark 12:30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

In this last article of this series we will look at how Jesus embodied all four of these areas. Jesus loved God fully from all four of these parts of Himself. He is the perfect example for us to follow.

Jesus loved God with all His heart. For some time now, I think we have ignored the emotion of Jesus. As I read through Jesus life in the Gospels, I see where Jesus felt and expressed His heart through emotion. Jesus expressed happiness when he was around the little children. Jesus expressed sadness when His friend Lazarus had died and he felt the sadness of those who were in mourning (“Jesus wept.” John 11:35). Jesus expressed anger with the Pharisees on several occasions and even expressed anger physically when he overturned the tables in the Temple courts. Jesus showed tenderness and compassion on those who needed His healing touch. I believe Jesus was excited when His disciples came back and gave their report after he had sent them out to preach and heal. Jesus even expressed fear when he knew he had to face his death. I know Jesus did not fear what was after his death, but he feared the physical pain he would face (not to mention the separation from his Father). Jesus loved God by showing us what it meant to be fully human and keep God in the fore-front.  

Jesus loved God with all His soul. Jesus understood the Spirit part of God. Jesus was tied to God through His Spirit. Often, Jesus withdrew to solitary places to pray and spend time with the Father. In fact, when I read closely, I find there were times when Jesus went to spend time with the Father when it appears he was needed elsewhere. Jesus knew it was important to strengthen His soul in order to love the father and do His work perfectly.  

Jesus loved God with all His mind. Jesus knew the Word of God. When Satan was tempting Jesus, He had an answer for every temptation that Satan put in front of Jesus. In discussions with the Pharisees, Jesus pointed out the truth about God’s Word and law. Jesus knew that to understand and love God fully, He was to know God’s Holy Word. All throughout His ministry, Jesus would reference the Old Testament. Jesus pointed to the prophets as proof of who He was. Jesus used His mind to God’s glory. He loved God fully with His thoughts and mind.

Jesus loved God with all His strength. Jesus was a man of action. He healed the sick. He served by turning water to wine. He washed His disciples’ feet. He served to the point of becoming the atoning sacrifice on the cross for the sinfulness of the human race. Jesus served. He loved God with His strength by His actions and service. I cannot imagine the great strength it took to not just take over situations as God’s son. I especially cannot imagine the great physical strength it took to endure the beatings and crucifixion on the cross.  

Jesus was emotionally healthy, spiritually connected to God, knowledgeable to God’s Word, and was a great man of action. Who better to follow when it comes to loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.


1. In what other ways did Jesus love God with all His heart?
2. In what other ways did Jesus love God with all His soul?
3. In what other ways did Jesus love God with all His mind?
4. In what other ways did Jesus love God with all His strength?
5. What have you learned from these five weeks around this passage? How has it affected the way you Love God?
6. This week, choose a Gospel book and read through it. Make note of how Jesus loved God perfectly from each of these four places.

I would love to hear from you comment-wise about any of the last five articles. What do you agree with? How has this affected you? What do you disagree with? Be the first one to start a discussion.

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