Monday, December 10, 2012


Week 50:

Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

Jesus was called the “Prince of Peace” at times. Jesus was also the Son of God. One of the ways to become a son of God is to become a peacemaker. I am amazed by the people I encounter who just seem to be able to create harmony amongst groups of people. I have also watched as I see how blessed these people are.  

The peacemaker seems to be one who not only creates and maintains harmony, but also is one who seems to have a sense of peace in his demeanor. No matter the situation, this person is calm and has exactly what is needed for any situation. Jesus was one who created harmony amongst those who would seem to not mesh if it were not for his presence. Just look at his disciples. Who besides the Prince of peace could hold a group of men like that together?

I believe that one common myth about the peacemaker is this idea that she is a negotiator or mediator. The negotiator/mediator can very well possess the gifts of a peaceful demeanor. However, the negotiator/mediator may not possess peacemaking ability at all and would still be successful due to training. Conversely, many negotiators/mediators are true peacemakers.

There are times in my life where I have seen peacemaking ability show up for me. I believe that most of the time, I tend toward peacemaking. Sometimes it is in playing negotiator/mediator for the greater good of the situation. As I reflect back on some of those situations, I have to ask myself, ”What was my motivation in lending my help to this situation?  ” If my help was to ease my discomfort around the conflict that was occurring, then my motivation was not necessarily from a peacemaker’s heart. My intervention or assistance was motivated by selfish gain. If my help was to genuinely see two believers work better together, then my motivation was like that of a peacemaker.  

Another thought is that a true peacemaker should have a spirit of reconciliation. The peacemaker has a heart of reconciliation between man and God, husband and wife, parent and child, person to person, and church member to church. This spirit of reconciliation should not be motivated by satisfaction, but a general concern for relationships. Jesus came to reconcile us back with God. Those who have this spirit of reconciliation have a real conviction of seeing conflicts to reconciliation.  

In my life, I am convicted that I should continue to work on my peacemaking abilities. Obviously, I want to be called a son of God. Beyond that, I want to continue to see God’s kingdom grow and spread. Without reconciliation and peaceful relations, the growth is stunted. I ask that God give me a spirit of peace.


1. What comes to mind for you when you think of the term peacemaker?
2. Describe some traits you have seen in the peacemakers in your life?
3. Do you feel you have the spirit of peacemaking/reconciliation in your life? Why or why not?
4. Describe a situation in your life where you stepped in as a peacemaker. Did you do this out of the spirit of peace or out of discomfort?
5. Over the next few days, look for a situation that will require peacemaking. Check your motivation, and then intervene. Pay attention to what God does through the situation.

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