Monday, November 12, 2012

The meek...

Week 46:

Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

What does it mean to be meek? I believe that our society judges meekness to be weakness. In fact, I recall not too long ago in a commercial a line that said, “The meek will not inherit the earth.” There has been such a push in our ‘have it now’ culture to outdo, out work, be number one, climb to the top…that to be meek would be an insult.

I am here to argue that meekness is not weakness. In fact, I believe that it takes great strength to be meek. When I look at the general definition of meekness I see gentleness, patience, humility, and submissiveness. I know that in my life it really does take great strength for me to practice those parts of meekness. I had a friend describe meekness as great strength and power under control. In other words, to practice meekness one does not misuse his/her power for selfish gain. That alone takes discipline.

I see two types of meekness and feel that the Lord blesses them both. First, I believe that there are those who are naturally meek. Their personality is just ‘laid back’. As I watch this type of person, I see one who is naturally humble, patient, gentle, and submissive. This type of person is not a pushover as the world would label him/her. This type of person does not need to fight for what he needs; he just naturally harmonizes with those around him. When I see this type of person, I notice that he/she is just naturally blessed and everyone who comes into contact with him/her seems to leave a better person. These are the people who when all is chaotic around them, they are still at peace and they come out on the other side strong, humble, and…meek.

The second type of meekness is what I call a practiced meekness. This is the person who is not naturally meek but feels the call of the Holy Spirit through scripture to practice meekness. This requires great discipline and intentionality. As I describe this kind of person, I do not want to leave the impression that this is someone who represses his/her power in order to be meek. That does not work. That type of person is a poser, and the false meekness he/she displays will unravel at some point. The person I am talking about is the one who has taken great strides through prayer, study, and practice to become meek in everyday life. This person can be assertive without damaging relationships. This is the person who has put into practice two scriptural philosophies; the practice of doing good to everyone and if it is up to him, to get along with those around him.

Neither of these types of meekness requires that a person give up his/her character and become a pushover or a self-martyr. This person has confidence in the abilities that God has given her and does not in any way feel slighted or like a victim. Those who are meek approach life with a joy of knowing that God has blessed them. And God will continue to bless them.    

Meekness is not what the world describes it to be. Jesus was the picture of meekness. It took more strength than I could muster to die the death that Jesus died…for sinners.

”Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”


1. What are some of the worldly descriptions of meekness you have heard or seen?
2. How do you describe meekness?
3. Would you describe yourself as naturally meek, or do you have to work at it?
4. When you read this passage, what comes up for you?
5. Make a commitment this week to take one measurable step to lean into meekness. Put it into practice and watch what God does in your life.
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  1. Great reminder of what meekness is! I love the definition of meekness being great strength and power under control.

    Good stuff! Thanks!